Rodents - Rats, Mice and Others

At home or in the work place rodent infestation is a cause for concern. The well-being of family members, pets, livestock, staff; even the commercial survival of a business, should always be a high priority where rats are involved. If you have the slightest suspicion of rats moving into your land or property action is required.  We minimise the disruption to you with a  professional service to treat the rodent infestation quickly and swiftly working in accordance with the BPCA.

Rodents and the risk they pose.

Rodents are carriers of many common diseases, some of these diseases could result in serious illness in humans so we take the treatment of a rat infestation seriously. Rodents may also carry parasites such as fleas, mites and ticks, which can impact your property and business.

Rodents – their behaviour and the visible signs of their presence


Rats will dig holes or burrows of 6 to 9 centimetres in diameter these are typically in undisturbed areas near to a source of food. Their runs are generally 5 to 10 centimetres wide, they are continuous and well-used passing through vegetation or alongside walls and other sources of cover providing protection from predators. Greasy smear marks may also be seen at points where rats make contact with surrounding metal, stone or wooden objects e.g. steps and around gate posts.Rat droppings are 15 to 20 millimetres long, bullet shaped moist when fresh, but quickly dry and take on a dull appearance.

Gnawed and chewed materials also indicate that rats are present, the base of doorways and wooden building materials are often affected near to food storage areas. Electrical wiring may also be affected by gnawing; this can result in the danger of electrical fires.

Rats’ footprints and tail marks may also be found in soft ground e.g. moist mud, or in food substances like flour etc.


Mice can enter gain entry to a property or premises through the smallest of gap (typically 20-30mm). They can also carry disease and cause damage and destruction to property Signs of mice activity include rod shaped drops of 3-6mm long, mice can produce droppings up to 80 times a day other signs of mouse activity include knawing, smear marks and discovery of nests


Squirrels can enter property through open space and gaps such as roof spaces. The can  damage woodwork in properties, chew electrical wiring and insulation, occasionally they can get in to water tanks.

 Rodents – control measures after infestation

Following the treatment of a rodent infestation we can provide effective advice on ways to minimise the re-infestation of your property or premises.



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