Insect Pest Control

There are many insects that can pose a threat. We treat ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies and other insects. Treatments vary for each species of insect, we provide an effective range of treatments that will remedy your pest problem. Insects can cause irritation by biting humans and animals causing itching and frustration. They can also be unsightly and make your home or premises feel uncomfortable.

We choose the right treatment for your problem and ensure that we get the result you need to resume normal life.  We perform our work in accordance with the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).



Ants are highly organised foraging insects, they live in colonies and venture out from the nests in search of food. They can enter buildings in search of food and can be an unpleasant pest to have around. Flying ants exist from the purpose of reproducing and finding new nesting sites, these can be unpleasant to deal with especially in high volumes. We can remedy your ant problem leaving you pest free. Please enquire for more information.



Adult flees are small averaging 2mm in size, they have no wings and are small brown insects. Signs of fleas include signs of your pets scratching more often than normal, and flea droppings and the fleas themselves maybe visible. Other signs include that you or others may be suffering from flea bites that causing itching and irritation and you may also be able to see fleas jumping on furniture and carpeted areas.

For flea treatment we recommend you give us a call so we can provide you with the most effective treatment to ensure we resolve your pest problem.

Bed Bugs

This common pest can occur due to a number of reasons, whether it is unhygienic conditions, infection from second hand furniture or travel. Some are resistant to some pesticides and resemble a small disc like shape. Bed bugs can bite which causes irritation and itching and reactions in people can differ with a stronger reaction in some people that can disrupt sleep. Signs of bed bugs include signs bites with skin irritation quite often close to each other, the signs of the insect on your bedding and bed frame.

We recommend you seek our advice for bed bug removal and we will ensure that we resolve your pest problem effectively.



Cockroaches can vary in size from 10mm - 25mm. They struggle to live outdoors in the British climate and will populate areas with a heat source or sheltered from elements such as boiler rooms, kitchens and laundries.  Cockroaches are forages and eat organic matter from a range of sources, they can contaminate food with bacteria and disease that can food poisoning in humans. These pests can risk the reputation of a business and are unpleasant within the home. 

We have a number of methods for effective cockroach control, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your problem and we can deal with this swiftly and efficiently.

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are small flies approximately 8mm long. The can become a nuisance in the autumn when the congregate in attic spaces and the upper rooms of buildings and can be large in number that leads to an unpleasant smell. They flight is sluggish and the can be a real pest to have around the home or work place. We provide an effective treatment in removing this flies, we choose the most suitable effective method for you and your circumstances to ensure we get you pest free. Unfortunately these flies can return to the same location each year, were possible we will provide you with effective advice for minimising the chances of these pests reoccurring.

Other insect infestation? Contact us and we can discuss your pest problem and provide you with an effective solution.


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