Birds can carry a variety of disease that can be transmitted to humans and other animals.  Droppings from birds whilst unsightly can cause a risk of disease and can damage property/equipment due to the corrosive nature of droppings. Secondary parasites can be associated with bird activity such as mites and fleas, leading to secondary infestations. Buildings cover in droppings can be unsightly and may discourage customers from using you business and they can also nest in areas such as chimneys and the roofs of buildings, potentially causing further damage to property.

With bird pest control we recommended you seek guidance from a pest control professional as there is legislation that protects birds, the pest expert will be able to provide you with sound advice and guidance on effective prevention and removal of these pests. We offer a range of services including bird prevention, proofing and control to effectively limit the disruption caused by birds. We can also offer you with advice on management of your property or premises to ensure reduce access to food sources and nesting sites birds like to use.

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